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Digital NARM to bring about Zune feature updates?

Darren Murph

You don't have to look far to see that the Zune rumor mill has been workin' overtime of late, and while the only conclusive pieces we're seen thus far involve various shades of red, Digital NARM could potentially shed some much-needed light on a bevy of questions. According to the docket, Christina Calio is set to speak about "hot new stuff" in regard to Microsoft's Zune for half an hour on May 1st. Interestingly, ClicZune has it that her speech title previously boasted about "exciting updates on developments in Microsoft's new innovative device," but unless our weary eyes have seriously deceived us, that little diddy has since vanished. Still, any latent updates shouldn't come as a surprise considering the position the player is in, but it looks like we're stuck waiting a few more days to find out what Christina's schpeel will reveal.

[Via ClicZune]

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