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DJ Max Portable DS spotted in the wiki


Update: As expected, the Wikipedia entry has been removed. The short life of the exceedingly dubious DJ Max Portable DS is over, suffering from a fatal "speedy deletion," and with it, our hopes of getting a North American DJ Max release, regardless of console!

A new Wikipedia entry (marked for "speedy deletion") appears to contain details about a DS version of DJ Max Portable, South Korean developer Pentavision's Beatmania-like rhythm action game. While the entry claims to have culled its info from an announcement posted on the Pentavision website (reproduced on Wikipedia), a quick trip to the company page led to a dead end, as did an email to the address listed there.

According to Wikipedia, DS's DJ Max will be nearly identical to the pair of existing PSP titles, which have enjoyed a cult following among importers with dainty fingers. The entirely suspect image accompanying the entry suggests that the DS version will contain an "Online Battle" mode, which is a key component of Pentavision's PC MMO DJMAX, from which the handheld series is descended. Neither the PSP original nor its sequel includes such a mode.

DJ Max Portable DS is purportedly scheduled for release (in Korea) this September and would include an English-language option. "We think that the Nintendo console will bring the game to more players, because the Nintendo handheld has more sales than the PSP," declares a reported translation of the announcement. Sounds like flamebait, not a press release.

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