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Flash 7 in Opera browser is ... Adobe's fault?


Sure, the browser isn't the best choice available (still beats the PS3's browser), but when Opera released the final version of its browser for the Wii, many found the update to be a big improvement over the previous trial version available. We thought the thing improved a lot of aspects of browsing ourselves and now we find we're surfing the internet on our Wii a lot more than we used to.

Still, many of you out there are a bit upset over the thing. Well, we can shed some light on one common issue: the use of Flash 7 over the more modern versions available. Turns out, this is due to Adobe more than anyone else, as without the latest Flash SDK (software development kit) available, it's impossible for anyone looking to run the more modern versions of Flash (8 and 9) to do so without the use of Windows, Mac, or Linux. So, until Adobe releases the latest SDK, we're all stuck with the ancient Flash 7.

[Via Opera Watch]

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