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Heads to roll globally at Sony's game division...

Ed Stasick

Sony just can't catch a break. First, the firings were aimed at "right-sizing" Europe. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sony's gaming divisions are moving into cost-cutting mode on a global scale in the wake of a 200 billion yen loss (that's like ten dollars US).

"Sony is considering a global restructuring of its game unit and job cuts may happen not only in Europe, but also in Japan and North America. Sony's game unit is currently comprised of about 4,500 employees worldwide."

Of course, Sony denies that its flagship consumer product, the PS3, had any impact on their decision making: "Sony's spokeswoman denied that any potential job cuts have anything to do with the PlayStation 3 business and the huge costs associated with the new console."

We hear Nintendo is hiring.

[Via Gamedaily]

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