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Neo Geo games to hit Virtual Console worldwide

Kyle Orland

In an interview with IGN, SNK Playmore USA President Ben Herman revealed that Neo Geo games would be available for the Wii Virtual Console in all regions sometime this summer. The games, some of which originally retailed for over $200, will be priced for download "just a little above the Super NES point" of $8 per game, Herman said. What a difference 17 years makes ...

Herman didn't reveal exactly which games would be initially available, but hinted that they were "looking for games that haven't been available" through anthologies or remakes. Herman also hinted at plans to make classic SNK content available for Xbox Live and Sony's upcoming PlayStation Home service. Add in the Neo Geo games currently available on GameTap and these once hard-to-find games will soon be available around every corner.

[Update: Fixed error regarding Metal Slug and King of Fighters being some of the first considered games. Thanks Cain Highwind.]

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[Thanks hvnlysoldr]

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