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NY Governor Spitzer spitting mad about games


"It is now pretty well established that certain types of videos and images have an effect on behavior," New York Governor Eliot Spitzer told reporters yesterday. Spitzer wants video games that are "degrading" to minors regulated the same way as cigarettes for those under 18. Retailers who would sell or rent these "not appropriate" games to minors would face fines.

The Democratic governor plans to give details about his plans this Friday in a Manhattan speech before Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network. Like wagering how many times President Bush will bring up 9/11 in a speech, start placing your bets now on how long it'll take Spitzer to bring up the VT massacre in his speech.

Spitzer's proposal is sure to be in good company with other New York-based bills looking to regulate games. Spitzer better watch his back, the courts have not been kind to taxpayers for overzealous politicians who ignore Constitutional Law 101.

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