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Pioneer hits China with $300 BDC-S02 Blu-ray drive


We're sure China hasn't given up on its efforts to skip over the major format war players and go with its home grown EVD format, but that doesn't mean Blu-ray manufacturers can't give it the old college try over there. To that end, Pioneer is busting out a $300 combo Blu-ray burner / player drive for PCs, the BDC-S02, and is launching it exclusively in China, with other markets to follow later. As far as we know, this is significantly cheaper than any other such drive on the market, and while $300 definitely isn't cheap by Chinese standards, it's a valiant effort on the part of Pioneer -- though we wouldn't mind a bit of that effort Stateside, we've never been bonkers for these $500-$1000 pricetags ourselves.

[Via TG Daily]

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