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Suda 51 & Kojima's 'Project S' based on Snatcher, radio drama announced


According to Famitsu, Suda 51 has declassified 'Project S,' a not-so-mysterious collaboration with Hideo Kojima. As suspected, "S" is for "Snatcher," Kojima's 1988 cyberpunk adventure, which was eventually translated and released for Sega CD in 1994. During this past weekend's 'Snake vs Zombie Vol. 2' event, Suda confessed that Snatcher was his favorite Kojima effort, prompting a few snickers between the No More Heroes creator and Kojima, who joined Suda on stage. While the pair alluded to Project S's presumed connection to Snatcher, it wasn't until this week's article that the link was openly confirmed.

Project S is apparently a series of works based on the Snatcher property. The first, a radio drama (yeah, you read that right, radio drama), will be written by Suda 51, who will also star as one of the voice actors. "I think I will call it 'Snatchers.' I can't talk about the details of the story at this point," he told Famitsu. Any chance it'll make it to satellite?

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