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TUAW Tip: Camino does bookmarks in the Dock, Tab groups

David Chartier

Camino is a great browser that exists somewhere in that place between Safari and Firefox. It's a spawn of Mozilla's darling browser, but it is decidedly far more Mac-like in its functionality and UI. Even cooler still is that Camino has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, such as the ability to add a folder of bookmarks to its Dock context menu, and turning folders into one-click tab groups.

First up: the Dock Menu option. Simply check this in the Get Info window (cmd-i) of any folder in Camino's bookmark manager and enjoy easy access to your 'marks from the comfort of a right-click.

Next is that Tab group: this is useful for creating a set of bookmarks that all open in their own tabs at a mere single click of your mouse. Do you consistently open webmail, Amazon and - of course - TUAW when you sit down for a stroll through the web? Camino's Tab group just might save you hours of clicking... after using this feature for, like, 20 years.

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