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Twenty-four cars will appear in mysterious Forza 2 demo

Justin McElroy

Let's get the most important bit out of the way first. The word has come down from on high (well, from community manager Che Chou) that there's still no date for the Forza Motorsport 2 demo to appear on Xbox Live. There's also still no official release date for the game, though we know it's hitting Japan on May 24, in what's supposed to be a worldwide launch. So if that's what you're looking for, there's nothing to see here.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for more details about what you'll be taking for a spin when the demo does finally drop, there's plenty of good info here. Chou says that the demo will include a generous portion of cars, 24 all told, from a variety of different classes. The post reveals 16 of them (all but those in the R2 class), including the 2005 Mercedes SLR and the 2006 Lexus IS350. Chou goes on to rule out customization options outside of color choice in the demo, which also won't have any Xbox Live features. We're still excited for the demo though, an excitement dulled only by the fact that we don't know when we'll get our hands on it. The only thing Chou's saying is that "won't be much longer now," which may have worked when we were driving to Florida in the station wagon, but provides little comfort now. Seriously though, are we there yet?

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