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UK Chip and Pin machines headed to the home


Barclays bank is doling out at least 500,000 Chip and Pin machines (the fancy UK term for credit card reader) for use in the home by its customers. The system is similar to the key fob that PayPal offers to its users, which generates six-digit passwords for use in supplement to the traditional username and password to add a layer of security to your PayPal account. The card readers that Barclays is shipping out generate an eight-digit number for logging onto your online banking account, but first you have to swipe your card and enter your pin number. You're also required to perform the same action for money transfers. This should beef up security considerably for users, and guard people from being compromised fully by phishing attacks, but we're fairly certain your money and identity will never be safe until you bury it all deep in the woods somewhere, later to be discovered by three camping buddies who are soon to become mortal enemies... we'll stop now.

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