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Xbox 360 Elite hits eBay, Target oblivious to street date


If the thought of waiting for the 120GB, HDMI-enabled Xbox 360 Elite to arrive in stores proves unbearable to you, consider how quickly time flies when you're spending money. Cast your view on this third SKU, now available on eBay, seemingly thanks to Target's inability to honor the April 29th street date. The eBay seller (and possible Subaru Impreza driver) has kicked off the bid at an amusing $600 and promises to ship the black box "IMMEDIATELY." IMMEDIATELY after the auction ends next week on 23 April, that is.

Even if bidding remains lethargic, you'll be paying at least $100 extra to receive the Xbox 360 Meh-lite less than a week before launch. Sounds like a dubious deal on top of another dubious deal. Best try your luck at a local Target if you're the supremely impatient type.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy, thanks brodiemash]

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