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Cloak of Shadows: 5 - Baroness Anastari: 0


Inspired by an old post about the Endgame Bosses Being Bored a couple of post-60 folks in my guild decided to pay Baron Rivendare a visit (and take some 55+ folks for a drag) as opposed to fighting for spawns in Outland. The sad thing is that this particular instance run simply drove home the point that Old Endgame just isn't nearly what it used to be.

The first thing we noticed was how utterly easy the mobs were. Gone is the time when a 45 minute run was proof of skill at L60 for non-raiding guilds. With the inclusion of a L68 Shaman healer and a L66 rogue, the instance became a cakewalk, completed in a blazingly fast 28 minutes from start to finish. (including looting) But the eye-opening sad/funny part was to come when the party got to Baroness Anastari.

As anyone who has been in Dead-side (or UD) Stratholme will tell you, the Baroness can be a bit annoying. Or at least, she could be when you were level 60, and you invariably got someone who forgot to burn all their cool-downs at the beginning of the fight. (To explain, the Baroness mind-controls a party-member and disappears. If you have special trinkets or talents, she is likely to use them immediately on your fellow party members.) So, with a few freshly minted near/60s in tow, the group jumped her, and everyone blew their cool-downs. Well, everyone except the rogue, not being used to that Cloak of Shadows button on his bar yet. Sure enough, first possession target was that same rogue. It went a little something like this:

Crap, she got the rogue!
Rogue: huh?
Tank: I've got her.
Tank: Man, she must like you.
Rogue: ...
Tank: That was fast.

Apparently every single time the Baroness decided to possess the rogue, the first thing she burned was Cloak of Shadows. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it is the level 66 Rogue ability that instantly removes all existing harmful spell effects and increases the chance to resist all spells by 90% for 5 seconds. It also, amusingly enough, breaks mind control. So the Baroness controls the rogue, pops Cloak of Shadows, and is immediately brought back to the fight. Later runs confirmed that every single time she decided to possess a level 66+ rogue, she seems to favor immediately popping Cloak of Shadows on herself.

We're just wondering when they are going to find some way to make NPCs who can mind control somehow not pop Cloak of Shadows straight off. Not to complain, but it's really kind of sad watching her do that to herself over and over.

Of course, until Blizz gets it fixed we'll just

/target Baroness

Anyone else notice other mobs who mind control and then pop Cloak of Shadows on themselves? Any other mind control interrupting talents/abilities causing lots of laughter for you? I know the poor Baroness can't be alone in her questionable tactics.

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