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Colored barcode system coming to Xbox 360 games

Dustin Burg

Later this year Microsoft will incorporate a new High Capacity Color Barcode (HCCB) into all Xbox 360 games. The new colored barcode can hold twice as much data (3,500 characters) than a standard black and white UPC and has the ability to be read by digital cameras or cell phones. Microsoft says that it is entirely possible to take a picture of a game's colored barcode with a cell phone and access additional content via the internet if such information was embedded in the barcode. Microsoft was also clear in saying that the new HCCB will be a partner to the old UPC code and will not be replacement.

Taking a picture of your Xbox 360 game's colorful barcode and being forwarded to some sort of online domain is the sweetness. Though, we doubt it'll ever be used for such purposes, but it's about time we get color in our barcoding system. Now we just have to wait for that new HD barcode to hit the streets.

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