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Discs of Tron to be tossed on XBLA?


Another day, another potential Xbox Live Arcade title leaked by the ESRB. With Quake III Team Arena leaked just over a week ago, today's title is the arcade classic Discs of Tron. Originally released in 1983, Discs of Tron charges players with taking out an opponent by tossing light discs towards him. The ultimate goal is to "derezz" the opponent or knock him off his platform. Given its simple nature, Discs of Tron would be most suited towards the pick up and play nature of Xbox Live Arcade. Even as retro games go, Discs of Tron is old, so we would hope that Buena Vista Games would go the extra mile to give it a Geometry Wars style makeover.

Anyone want to take a guess about what title will be leaked next?

[Via Siliconera]

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