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ESPN to produce World Series of Poker, Cold Pizza & Mike and Mike in HD

Matt Burns

Why has ESPN taken so long producing the World Series of Poker in high-def? Don't get us wrong, we are glad that the show is finally switching to HD but we just wish they would have done it sooner. It's not like ESPN can even call WSOP the first HD Poker series as INHD Mojo has been airing the Vegas Open for close to a year now. The show starts back up in July and will feature 32 hours of HD. Additionally, two more ESPN shows are making the jump to HD: Cold Pizza & Mike and Mike. These three shows should jump ESPN's yearly HD output to nearly 9,000 hours according to TV Week's calculations. Back to the WSOP, here's hoping the poker table's hole-cams will get an HD upgrade to those tiny high-def cams.

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