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Sony says there are no plans to adjust PS3 price


The Financial Times is reporting that Sony is "reconsidering" its pricing strategy for the PS3. Sony President Ryoji Chubacchi said yesterday, "We are re-examining our [PS3] budgeting process in terms of pricing and volume. Sales assumptions change and the market is competitive. We are in the midst of revisiting our strategy for the PS3."

Chubachi believes that Sony hit their target of 6 million consoles sold at the end of March. Some outlets are reporting that the March numbers actually show the sales to be less than 4 million. There is certainly a shift occurring in the business strategy of the PS3, but at this point the plan isn't clear.

Sony let Joystiq know, "There are no plans to adjust the price of PS3 in North America at this moment in time. As a normal part of our business, SCEA carefully monitors market trends and needs on an ongoing basis, but we currently have no announcement regarding any price drop in our territory."

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