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$10,000 Mac hack bounty not yet claimed


Update: One of the two targets has been compromised.

How do you spice up a security conference in lovely Vancouver, BC with a sense of risk, reward and fun? If you're the organizers of CanSecWest, you offer a prize to anyone who can work an exploit on two MacBook Pro machines; said prize, originally just the laptops themselves, is now a cool $10,000 thanks to sponsor & security appliance vendor TippingPoint. Both machines are freshly patched with Thursday's security updates.

As of earlier today, ZDnet blogger Ryan Naraine reports that nobody has claimed the bounty, and conference organizers have moved to the scheduled phase II plan; challengers, who originally had to attack the machine remotely over the network, now may send URLs to the judges and have them opened in Safari. Happy hunting!

graphic: Sebastiaan de With

[via MacDailyNews]

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