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C&C 3 demo commands/conquers Xbox Live

Justin McElroy

We're torn this morning. Sure, we'd love to order all of you to go out and download the hulking behemoth that is the Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars demo from Xbox Live. We'd like to, but we just can't until we get some questions answered. Well, one question, really: How much Billy Dee Williams does the demo contain?

Sure, we're happy that, as previously announced, we're finally seeing how the RTS's controls translate to the 360. And don't get us wrong, we dig the Brotherhood of Nod, Kane, all that jazz. But what we really love, what keeps us coming back is GDI Director Redmond Boyle, BDW himself. The official description of the demo is of little help, heck, it doesn't even mention if the demo is single or multiplayer. The demo is 1GB though, so maybe the extra space was needed to store all of Mr. Williams' supercool, Colt 45-induced swagger. So, we're downloading now, as we're sure you are too, but without the presence of BDW, you can rest assured we'll be on that delete button faster than Lando Calrissian in the Millennium Falcon. (We're joking, of course -- nothing is that fast.)

[Thanks, kritz]

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