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Final Forza 2 car list rev-vealed, headline writer shot


A just punishment for such a terrible mangling of words, not to mention the trickery of "Final Forza 2" leading people to believe that Microsoft was releasing a bizarre automotive RPG, complete with mutant mechanics and bottles of restorative oil. No, the relevant game is Forza 2, simmy sequel to 2005's foray into car customization, reckless racing and all-round Gran Turismo-ing.

The official Forza Motorsport 2 website has unveiled the full list of cars to be included in the final game when it screeches into stores this May. Numbering 310 and representing enough reflective metal to burn holes through the back of your head, the list of cars is sure to please fans unsatisfied by the forthcoming demo's comparatively meager offering of 24 vehicles. It's noted that seven of the 310 cars have been deemed "special," with some only being available to pre-order deals and the game's collectors edition. The "controversial unicorn cars" will also be exclusively available for a limited time in the game's online auction house.

Racing enthusiasts are encouraged to look, use the Forza page and inspect the list closely as they attempt to answer the question, "Is there vroom for improvement?"

Update: Article author shot as well.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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