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HTC Libra clears FCC

Chris Ziegler

Verizon customers, give yourselves a little pat on the back; for the moment, anyway, it's you that are the envy of the world's HTC fans. As you may recall, the Libra is essentially a Vox with the GSM radio switched out for a CDMA one -- and with it, of course, comes 3G data, a feature sorely missed in the Vox. Even better, the Libra will allegedly be software upgradeable to EV-DO Rev. A for an added boost. The slide-out QWERTY form factor is still a bit fresh and unusual for a Windows Mobile Smartphone-class device, so the jury's still out on just how hot this is going to be in Verizon's bumper crop of smart devices for 2007 -- but any way you look at it, variety is always a good thing.

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