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Space Giraffe finished, Minter still tweaking


What better way to celebrate April 20 than with belated news of Space Giraffe's completion? Earlier this week, eccentric game developer Jeff Minter dragged himself from the meadow and logged into his LiveJournal page to write, "Well the game's finished". Minter's still tweaking the final code, most recently implementing a results graph so that players can compare gameplay sessions to their overall high scores and a predetermined "good" score, but expect the psychedelic shooter to be shipping off to Microsoft for certification any day now. Let's hope it makes it through the pipeline and onto Xbox Live Arcade faster than other high-profile titles...

Anyways, congrats Jeff -- can't wait to light one up and play! Of course, we'd ask you to join us for a celebratory cigar ... but we hear you're off the nicotine. How about a carrot instead?

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