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Yet more G'zOne Type-S details

Chris Ziegler

It seems anticipation is running pretty high for this one, so we thought it was in everyone's best interest to rush out additional deets just as quickly as they fell into our hands. We hear now that the G'zOne Type-S will lack VCAST; not necessarily a big deal for a large portion of its target demo, but more devastatingly, it lacks EV-DO data entirely. Rumors also now point to a lack of expandable memory, rendering any on-board media support of rather limited use in our books. On the plus side, though, it appears VZ Navigator is in the cards, as is Bluetooth and a healthy 2 megapixel cam. But why, Casio, hast thou forsaken us speedy data? Heck, "Type-S" even sounds fast.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

Update: It seems the camera may be nothing more than a pedestrian VGA unit, despite a tip that we'd be seeing a full 2 megapixels. Eh, whatever. At least it's waterproof, right? [Thanks, everyone]

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