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Disney Mobile customers to get "heap of new features"

Brian White

We love when a carrier or MVNO announces that a "heap" of new features is about to be released; it's sort of like winning the lottery, but with more marketing mumbo-jumbo and less cash. It seems the kid-friendly MVNO Disney Mobile wants to sell more handsets to parents and is about to add several new handset features just in time for that busy summer mommy season. Among them are the new "scout" feature that will locate and show points of interest (using GPS positioning, we suspect), one-click photo uploading to a shared family photo area and a "family calendar" feature in late 2007 or 2008 that will push PC-created calendar entries and changes directly to the Disney Mobile handset. Disney Mobile still does not plan to add any EV-DO phones ($99 is the magic price point there, it seems), so your kindergartner's high-speed 3G data will have to wait for now.

[Via mocoNews]

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