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God of War PSP title nearly revealed

Justin McElroy

We care about you here at Joystiq, and in a lot of subtle ways that you probably don't always appreciate. Like see that screenshot up above? That says "God of Wa: Chains of Olymp" which we assume is most of the title of the God of War PSP game. It's set to complete its display in a couple of days when we hope it will say God of War: Chains of Olympics 2008: Kratos & Mario & Sonic. But it will probably say God of War: Chains of Olympus, because that's just the way life works.

You know what else? We're not going to tell you how we found it. We'll just say it's the latest addition to, which has become a veritable cornucopia of GoW secrets, and leave it at that. If you're interested in tracking this title down, we're sure that you can find that sort of info, but you're not getting it from us. Trust us, it's an hour of random clicking that you're just not going to get back, and by keeping it from you, we have given you the gift of an hour of your life. Now go, and please ... pay it forward.

[Thanks, Daniel]

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