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Wireless email pioneer wants to fight -- with products

Brian White

When RIM settled out of court with NTP over wireless email patent infringements, we wondered if more than a handful of others had thought of the idea as well. One such individual, Nicholas Fodor, really doesn't want $612 million like NTP was granted, but instead wants his products to do the talking. Fodor's self-proclaimed expertise in his years of working with email systems is enough to "make it possible to view and respond to messages sent to almost any e-mail account on a cellphone or other mobile device." While that's not exactly a revolutionary concept these days, Fodor's "Freedom Mail" will be platform and device-agnostic (no BES here) and will be supported by small advertisements appended to messages. The service will be supported on any cellphone that has Internet access. With RIM's recent outage causing quite a stink, maybe Fodor will get a fan base going here.

[Via techdirt]

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