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World's Largest iTunes Library?

Mat Lu

Glen Wolsey has an interview up with Will Friedwald, the self-proclaimed owner of the world's largest iTunes collection, which he has even given a name: "The Matrix." Friedwald is apparently a music writer for the New York Sun, and his main library contains over 170,000 tracks (849GB). He also has a couple of "sub-libraries," which, if all added together, would bring the total to around 1200GB. The two iTunes database files on the main library are themselves each over 250MB.

Unsurprisingly, Friedwald claims that iTunes is very slow when running his 800GB library on a single processor Power Mac G5, taking up to three or four minutes to bring the "Get Info" window up on a selected track. So this got me wondering. What kind of iTunes library do you have, dear TUAW reader? Can you challenge Mr. Friedwald?(My main library is a measly 21.5GB).

[Via macitt]

Update: Clearly Will Friedwald has nothing on TUAW readers. Several of them, in the comments below, seem to have larger libraries than Friedwald.

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