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    Hands-on with the Samsung SGH-P310

    Chris Ziegler

    Without having used them, we've always assumed that Samsung's so-called "credit card phones" -- the SGH-P310 and the P300 before it -- were novelties more than they were usable phones. After all, the shape is a bit strange to be holding to your head, and the sheer level of miniaturization going on here leads one to figure that they're skimping on features. We recently had a crack at a P310, and while we're still not sure we'd carry it around as our primary mobile, we found ourselves pleasantly surprised with its performance. The keypad is totally usable (though the nondescript, circular d-pad takes a little getting used to), voice quality and reception both seemed good, and the display is fantastic. The UI is typical Samsung fare -- nothing special there -- but what really struck us was how solidly the phone seemed to be built. Though you obviously wouldn't actually put the phone in your wallet as you would a credit card, it almost seems sturdy enough to do just that if you really wanted to. Considering its fashion centric, high end target demographic, we suppose we'd expect nothing less.

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