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Jack Thompson responds to Rocca as we Zen on Take Two


After the break we have a video of Jack Thompson responding to IGDA Director Jason Della Rocca's quote about him being a "massacre chaser." Particularly choice moments are when Thompson calls Della Rocca an "idiot" and "jackass" on national television. The anchor concludes the piece, "Clearly on a campaign, we appreciate your sharing, attorney Jack Thompson."

Something worth thinking about as this Thompson "jacklash" continues, we sorta passed over a major event this week: Thompson can't mess with Take Two anymore. This was part of a settlement reached between Take Two and Thompson following a string of lawsuits going back to the Bully case. GamePolitics has the terms of the settlement in a handy PDF download. The big question is if Thompson can't go after Take Two's GTA IV or Manhunt 2, the VT Massacre angle isn't quite going his way, then what is there left to go after? Any violent game Thompson could decide to take on would probably pale in comparison to the carnage in either GTA IV or Manhunt, which he legally can't attack anymore.

So, take a deep cleansing breath and ponder: Without the ability to go after Take Two anymore -- what can Thompson do?

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