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In before the ninja: Leaked Halo 3 Beta footage of the new Zanzibar

Jared Rea

This was bound to happen, right? Only a week after Bungie mentioned that the internal (see: Microsoft employees only) Halo 3 Beta has begun, this video (warning: terrible music ahead) began clogging the tubes that make up this great internet. The leak doesn't end here, but we're sure you're savvy enough to put the rest of the pieces together.

So what can we comb from this video, other than the person who put this together is royally screwed? The footage takes place in a map called "Last Resort" which is a newly reworked version of the Halo 2 favorite, Zanzibar. While you won't see too much evidence of that in the video above, the other clips we've seen from this batch feature the signature generator in the center of the map.

Is this footage indicative of what we'll be seeing in our Beta? We'll find out soon enough, but hot damn is that bubble shield looking mighty nice these days. As for the person behind the leak, well, lets just say that the stats won't lie when the hammer comes to drop. Thanks, buddy!

[Update: Those other clips we alluded to originally? Well, GameVideos got their hands on them and decided to upload those as well. We've swapped out the original two minute video and replaced it with a seven minute long version. That's five extra minutes to bitch, moan and otherwise cry about shakey-cam footage of a Beta product, processed for web!]

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