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The amazing invisible gamer


Perhaps you spotted this on Joystiq, but we had to post it here. It's been some time since we've seen any Vision Camera shenanigans. This video, however, is special. It's not a video of some jackass on Command & Conquer 3, oh no, this video is not of this world. Gasp as his couch defies the laws of our universe. Feel your mind become one with another dimension as you stare through a man's solid flesh.

If you prefer to preserve the illusion, read no further. It turns out that the Vision camera used in this video was suffering from a case of burn in. It seems the camera has captured the couch in the background for so long that it is permanently within the frame. As it stands, the video teaches us two things. One, be careful using your Vision cam for prolonged amounts of time. Two, if you're not worried about your Vision's well-being, this should make for an interesting party trick.

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