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Forum post of the day: Worst ninja excuse


Ninjas -- we know them, we hate them, we laugh at how they'll never get a group on the server again. Most serious ninjas tend to go linkdead immediately after looting, to spare themselves being yelled at and reported. But some try to justify their behavior by whatever thin threads of logic they can dredge up. Thorsgaard of Moonglade-EU has started a forum thread of the best and worst excuses for unneeded need rolls, and there are some doozies:

  • "I'm a rogue and rogues steal things. It's RP."
  • "I died a lot, and selling this at the vendor will cover my repair costs."
  • "It's shiny and fits well with my gear."
  • "Because I don't have a red hat yet."
  • "It'll be good camouflage in WSG."
  • "Rogues can use axes in the next patch."

It almost makes me grateful for the silent ninjas. On my home server, the classic ninja line is "doesn't go to u" followed by leaving the group. What's the worst ninja excuse you've seen?

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