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Game Informer answers GTAIV questions on 'copters and more

When they weren't defending their exclusive coverage, the guys at Game Informer (at least Andrew Reiner, "the only journalist so far to have seen Grand Theft Auto IV in action") were answering questions sent in by So, no flying? Reiner: "There are no airplanes in the game, but flying is still there. One means of this is the helicopter." One means, eh? How about "good looking chicks"? Reiner: " ... ." Okay, moving on. Are there seasons? Reiner: "Time of day definitely progresses, but whether it progresses throughout an entire calendar year remains to be seen." How about ladyfriends? Reiner: "What is with you people and your woman-related questions."

We were thinking the same thing, but don't be discouraged! There's a couple interesting responses tangled up between some of the more inane questions so, if GI's exclusive coverage didn't sate your GTA-ppetite, click that Read link and give 'em a second chance. Oh, and boats are in.

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