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Harry Potter 5 trailer will only break your heart

Justin McElroy

You can't keep doing this to us Harry! Don't just waltz into our lives with promises of magical adventure, only to fly out the window with our hearts in tow. It wouldn't be so bad if you made good on your promises, but your games somehow always manage to be magically repellent. Well, you can just fly right off, Boy Who Lived. We're not falling for it this time. In fact, check it out, we're going to start calling you "He Who Shall not Be Gamed." Ooh, burn. What? A trailer for Order of the Phoenix? ... Fine. But that's it. One watch and we're gone. For-ev-er.

Oh my, look at those character models ... they look a lot like their on-screen counterparts, don't they? And hey, what's the deal with that massive wizard-on-wizard battle? That looks rad ... Gosh, it's a bit chilly in here -- oh, wear your scarf, you say? Y-yeah ... that works. What's this? You also have a high-res version? Okay. Well, we guess one more look wouldn't hurt.

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