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Pioneer's MT-01 music tap PLC sound system gets a date


Well, well, who do we have here? Looks like Pioneer's MT-01 Power Line Sound System will finally get a push out the door. Mid-July to be exact-ish though it's unclear if that date represents a global, or Japan-only release. Pioneer seems to have rebranded the whole Power Line Communciation (PLC) audio kit under a "music tap" family of products, although their UK arm still lists it with a legacy MT-01 badge. As for pricing, we expect the complete kit (Sound Station control unit + 2x25W speaker + small 5W speaker) to hit for ¥68,000 (about $574) with an additional ¥14,000 ($118) required to network your iPod. Of course, the individual speakers are sold separately as well: ¥27,000 ($228) for the biggie or ¥19,000 ($160) for the 5W job. But with all the trouble Pioneer's had bringing this to market, you'd be well served to wait for the reviews before laying out the heavy cash on a home-wide system.

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