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Terrestrial Digital antenna sales up 100% over last year

Matt Burns

Terrestrial Digital is having a solid year. Just as their name implies, they make antennas and should credit their 100% comp to the magic of the ATSC signal. The digital stream riding on ATSCs signals produce crystal clear, snow-free picture. Now that the vast majority of broadcasters are at a 100%, the signals should be easy to pick up and maintain. Many people have found that their 1970-ish relic of an antenna even picks up most of 'em. Sure, Terrestrial Digital is just one manufacturer but we imagine that if they had a stellar year, so did other companies like Terk and Channel Master. If you happen to have an HDTV but don't have a high-def service provider for whatever reason, pick up an antenna and then check out this DIY guide to maximize your free HDTV picture.

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