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Ubisoft announces Tom Clancy's EndWar, 'a strategy game like no other'

Ubisoft has just announced EndWar, the latest addition to their blockbuster Tom Clancy series. The first Tom Clancy game built from the ground up for next-gen systems (sorry, Sam), EndWar is a "revolutionary war strategy game ... like no other." Now, that means it's a "revolutionary" war strategy game, not a Revolutionary War strategy game which, obviously, wouldn't have any of the high-tech doodads we've come to expect from this brand.

EndWar is being developed by Ubisoft Shanghai who share development duties on the Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and Splinter Cell properties. We don't know much about the game except that it's due on next-generation consoles (we don't think they mean you, Wii) in fiscal year 2007/2008 and that we'll be able to "lead [our] own armies against hundreds of others online in real global locations on the massive battlefields of World War III." See, we told you it wasn't the Revolutionary War.

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