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Casio's XJ-S46: the "world's thinnest" 2,500 lumen projector


What's thinner than the average product waif? Why the latest Casio DLP projector of course... and little else. The 43-mm (1.7-inch) / 1.7-kg (3.7-pounds) XJ-S46 projector blasts 2,500 lumens for ¥268,000 (about $2,263). The XJ-S36 brings the same form factor but drops the brightness down to 2,000 lumens for ¥238,000 ($2,010). Both sport an 1800:1 contrast, XGA resolution, and a USB host jack for hot projection action sans PC. Also available for a bit less in XJ-S41 and XJ-S31 configurations without USB hosting.

[Via Impress]

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