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Cricket gets Samsung Siren, aka SCH-A870

Brian White

Cricket Wireless has announced the Samsung Siren as available. With Samsung having such a plethora of handset options available to almost every global wireless carrier these days, this is the first Sammy for Cricket, ever. While the SCH-A870 is nothing to write home about (it's over a year old already), its slick red-and-black (hence, Siren) scheme looks good enough for any Cricket customer's pocket. Standard fare is available here, with Bluetooth, VGA cam (yuck), voice recognition, a 160 x 128 screen rez (double yuck) and VibeTonz all onboard. VibeTonz (we wish we'd see this more, Samsung) lets a customer experience vibration patterns that match an audible ringtone. That feature alone may be a sole reason for some Cricket customers to pick this unit up soon.

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