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Guildwatch: A long struggle with raid cancer

Mike Schramm

I would say that I'm sorry that Guildwatch is running a little late this week, but you didn't really notice, did you? No worries, we're here now, with all the drama, downings, and recruiting that any one man (or woman, or orc, or undead) can handle!

And please-- please!-- remember that this column runs on your tips, so throw any and all news you have about drama going on around the servers, guild progression, or recruiting notices in the box at You do it-- we just report on it, right after the jump.


  • Ok, I'll go on record as saying is the best tip we've ever recieved here at GW, ever. Our tipster (who I believe wants to remain anonymous) sent us this link.. which doesn't work. But supposedly it's to a forum post over at Nihilum where one of their members admits to buying gold. After a little poking around, I found a Google cache of the page (Nihilum has updated their page and their forum location), and there it is, at the bottom. "Earl" says if you raid as much as Nihilum does, you have to buy gold just to keep the consumables going, and a member of Nihilum says "Earl speaks the truth." If that's not an admission of gold buying in that guild, Update: Apparently, "speaks the truth" is some hardcore guild code for "troll." So nobody admitted to anything here. Move along, folks.
  • Another GMotD, from Opish of Haze on Durotan: "The Horde are coming-- hide your daughters."
  • Most of our drama here is intraguild, but here's a little drama between Blizzard and a guild-- a few folks on Dethecus started a guild named Buckfutter (you know, after the SNL skit about Celebrity Jeopardy. right?), but Blizzard apparently didn't go for it and asked them to change their name. So the new name, they said, would be psychological in nature. That's right, they decided to call their guild therapists. Blizzard didn't like that either, apparently, despite their protestations to the opposite. Yup, Blizzard won't let anybody name their guild "therapists" in their game, goshdarnit.
  • RIP Dependence on Duskwood-H. Previously one of the top guilds on the server, they've been having trouble in Karazhan trying to organize multiple teams and losing people while bringing in new people, and it all fell apart in a beautiful, terrible forums rant. Now that's tasty drama. Bonus points: they even declared the death on their guild page. Cause of death? Raid cancer.
  • If there's one thing better than raid drama, it's ninja drama. An anonymous tipster says Bloodbath and Beyond (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award BY FAR) on Anetheron has just barely survived a grabby tank-- we're told he ninja'd the Chess Event chest, and was swiftly kicked, but not so swiftly-- he was able to take the guild bank with him.
  • Forlorn Legacy on Windrunner-A has been rocking SSC and they've got the videos to prove it: Hydross the Unstable, Morogrim Tidewalker, and Fathom-Lord Karathress. Someday, I want to be called "Fathom-Lord Mike." That's right, people. Lord of the Fathom.
  • Nathan (what's your guild, buddy?) sent a note that he's 3-manned the first few pulls in MC with two pallies and a hunter. Also, he's got a good GMotD for us: "It's gigglesnort Stormwind Fishing Day! Drop your pants, and grab your poles!" See, that's actually kind of funny.
  • Vas Corp Por (which probably means something witty in Latin, but I'm not that smart) kicked the crap out of Karazhan the other night-- they rolled all the way to the Chess Event, and even one-shotted the Shade of Aran.
  • My guild, Gothic Bunnies of Thunderhorn-H, would be disappointed if I didn't say that we downed the Maiden and the Big Bad Wolf (one shot!). That's our picture up above-- the ugly orc on the far left is me.
  • Disbanded on Agamaggan-A has dropped High King Maulgar. You want video, you say? You got it.
  • Arcturus's Team A (a.k.a. Team Pickles) killed the Shade of Aran.
  • No Remorse on Kargath is happy to announce that they've finally dropped Moroes! Grats! I said my guild dropped Moroes last week (we did, after a lot of attempts), and No Remorse wanted to say that they're glad they're keeping pace with us Bunnies. Oh don't worry guys-- it's not that hard. Our raids are fueled by lots and lots of alcohol, if you know what I mean. We do have fun though.
  • Learn to Play on EU Anachronos-A is a casual endgame guild looking for adult professionals who like to chat on vent and raid 3 times a week at 8pm GMT. They're all "former hardcore" guys, so it sounds like endgame without all the stress. Nice!
  • Valiant Spirit on Khadgar-A is looking for players mid-60s to 70 to have some fun and maybe start getting some raiding experience. No "loot hawgs," so if you're just in it for the Professor Plums, look elsewhere.
  • Crimson of Greymane-A wants a few resto druids to help out in SSC (they've already downed 4/6 there). Please be keyed for heroics, SSC (duh), Karazhan (although not completely necessary), and The Eye.
  • Wandering Monsters on Blade's Edge-H is getting ready for Kara, and they could use a few more Druids, Warriors, and Healers (that's Priest or Paladins, they say).
  • The Spirits Within on Archimonde is an off time EU guild that wants more "healing power" for Kara and Gruul's Lair.
  • A New Dawn on Kargath-A is a semi-casual, mid-size guild that also needs healers to fill out a second group. They're especially looking for Paladins, but even though they don't say they want resto shamans, I'll say it for them. Everyone wants resto shamans, because we are awesome.
  • BIND on Archimonde-H wants new members to roll with them into the endgame.
  • Destruction on Steamwheedle Cartel is looking for everything but hunters to do level 70 5-mans and beyond.
  • This is an RP guild, so I'll try to RP it up for you guys: FORSOOTH! Ye olde guilde Living Flame on Shadow Council are seekest brave young lads and lasses to advanceth into the Outlands and kill all sorts of wildlife! By the Light of Elune-- POOF! Crazy RPers. Seriously, they're good people, so look them up for RP fun.
  • Unholy Sanctum on Rexxar-H wants healers and mages to put the beat down on Karazhan.
That'll do it for this week's GW. I have to say-- you guys sent in a lot of great, great tips this week, and I appreciate it. Keep up the good work: deliver all tips to See you next week.

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