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Playstation convert talks about his 360

Dustin Burg

The lovable and so very adorable Trixie posted an interview she had with a convert who ditched his Playstation 2 and jumped into the Xbox 360 community. Redstorm80 (video game elder) was a PS2 die-hard who played SOCOM and ignored every other gaming console. That is until the PS3 kept getting delayed and his friend brought over his 360 to play some Fight Night Round 3. It was love at first site and Redstorm80 hasn't looked back, actively promoting the Xbox 360 brand, and even goes as far to say that the "Xbox 360 is actually my favorite home console out of all the previous ones I've owned". We agree.

Redstorm80's story isn't anything new, it happens all the time. Fans switching consoles every generation finding new game franchises and experimenting. This of course got us thinking about you, our fellow fanboys. Do you have a similar story to share once proclaiming your love for another console only to end up an Xbox 360 fanboy? Feel free to dish your converting details without fear of judgment. We've all made mistakes.

[Thanks, calduper]

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