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PS3 network a boon to disease-fighting computations

Kyle Orland

What a difference a month and several thousand gaming consoles makes. Sony announced today that the 250,000 PS3s that have run Stanford's Folidng@Home research program in the last month have delivered nearly 400 teraflops of computing power, nearly doubling the pre-PS3 computing capacity for the network. The PS3 has been a PR dream for the project too, leading to a "halo effect" increase of 20 percent in the number of PC folders, according to Sony.

A downloadable update for the PS3 version of the program will be available tomorrow, offering increased folding speed, better globe visibility and, most importantly, "the ability for users to create longer donor or team names." Finally, our dream of folding for Team "JoystiqSingleHandedlyCuresAllDiseases" can be realized.

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