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Sony Ericsson W580 seen without Walkman branding


OK, enough is enough, Sony Ericsson really has to get some handsets launched as the speculation on what seems like 20 handsets is really making it hard for us to keep up. The latest not-yet-released-are-we-making-you-crazy-yet handset is what appears to be a twin to the recently announced W580i Walkman phone. We have seen this in the interesting green on black theme and in the traditional Walkman-style orange on white (or is that white on orange?). No official word on what the real name will be or what it may eventually be packing (if this is indeed real and not a W580 prototype), but rumor has it that it may be an "E" series handset. As per usual, we will fill in the blanks as we learn more about it.

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