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The format war: What's in a name?

Ben Drawbaugh

The two formats that are trying to be the next DVD are very similar in many ways, but their name isn't one of them. Both sides have made their mistakes, -- the biggest being that there are two formats in the first place -- but it seems that one of Blu-ray's biggest mistakes might be its name. They claim they wanted to be as far away from the name DVD as possible in order to distinguish themselves, but some say they choose blu instead of blue so they could copyright the name. Either way, there is no doubt that the name Blu-ray is causing consumers to be confused; you see it misspelled all over the Internet and even in our comments. In the age of the Internet where you want your product to be easily found online, you have to question the spelling of the name. One of the metrics that is used to gauge the format war is Google trends and HD DVD is clearly ranked considerably higher, but if you add the common misspellings of both formats the chart looks different and it is clear to see that many people misspell Blu-ray as Blue-ray.

Google Trends HD DVD vs Blu-ray
Google Trends chart only counting the correct spelling.

HD DVD Google Trends
The correct HD DVD spelling is clearly more popular.

The incorrect spelling of Blu-ray is often more popular than the correct spelling.

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