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Gamecock plans party for E3's uninvited

Ross Miller

Make no mistake: E3 has had quite a makeover this year. And with its slimmer size came an even slimmer exhibitor list. Where are the smaller developers going to go now?

Independent games publisher Gamecock is poised to provide a haven for such a crowd. In a note sent out by their PR folks, Gamecock is discussing plans for E.I.E.I.O. (Expo for Interactive Entertainment: Independent and Original) Fun Fest 2007, which would coincide on the same days at the E3 Media Summit July 11 to 13. "It would be great to have an event that supports the uninvited," read the note, "the industry's best and most talented studios."

Gamecock co-founders Mike Wilson and Harry Miller, when they were Gathering of Developers executives, were known to throw loud parties across the street from E3's old home, the Los Angeles Convention Center. Though only in talks for now, we hope Gamecock pursues their plans further and help keep alive the spirit of E3's independent scene, formerly found in LACC's Kentia Hall.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To tell everyone at E3 about their party!

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