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Inax's Satis Asteo Washlet toilet: pre-loaded with classical tunes

Darren Murph

While there's certainly a market for techtoilets out there, Inax is apparently hoping that all interested john owners haven't already snapped up a Toto or Brondell, as its Satis Asteo Washlet doesn't do much to stand out. The musically inclined lavatory sports the obligatory SD slot, built-in stereo speakers, and an automatic lowering / lifting mechanism, but one interesting aspect of this iteration is the tunes that apparently come pre-loaded. While the translation is admittedly sketchy, Inax appears to have a number of classical pieces from the likes of Bach, Chopin, and Mendelsohn ready to rock, presumably to drown out less than pleasant ambient noises when you forget your own MP3-stocked SD card. Furthermore, the device can reportedly detect whether you'd prefer the lid up or down (saywha?) and the built-in nightlight should prevent any early morning surprises when sleepwalking into the restroom. Inax's latest toilets are available right now for those in Japan, and will set you back anywhere from ¥55,333 ($467) to ¥87,333 ($737), depending on model.

[Via Core77]

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