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Motorola PEBL U3e rocks the FCC

Chris Ziegler

The PEBL design meme seems to be one of the less-loved in Moto's hallowed halls, with relatively few models released -- so far, anyway -- bearing the PEBL name. Imagine our surprise, then, to find this little gem up in the FCC's business today. The so-called "MOTOPEBL U3e," a GSM handset with EDGE, bears a rather striking resemblance not to the original V6, but to the CDMA U6c. In fact, we'd go so far to say that the U3e is the U6c's GSM counterpart, despite the bizarre model number convention here. As best we can tell, this one rocks four bands of radio (well, at least two -- 850 and 1900 -- but we're guessing there are another two packed in there) and appears to be a low-end piece likely destined as an entry-level fashion phone for various carriers around the globe. We'll personally pass, but we're not gonna fault anyone for digging it.

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