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New LG phone patent apps reveal touchy feely future

Chris Ziegler

We're still not totally sold on the "trust us, you don't need a physical keypad" angle that LG and Apple are taking as of late, but it seems that LG's betting we will be with a pair of patent apps filed this month. The first, aptly-named "Mobile communication terminal having multiple displays and a data processing method thereof," essentially describes a handset consisting of two touch displays that can be operated in a variety of configurations. We've seen phones like this before so we're not too sure what new tech LG is bringing to the table here, but hey, if a top-5 manufacturer wants to starting churning them out, we're all for it. The second patent, "Mobile terminal providing graphic user interface and method of providing graphic user interface using the same," suggests a touchscreen UI involving the use of dynamic icons (picture the items on your phone's menus moving around the screen randomly -- no frustration factor there!) that react in interesting ways to user's choices. Any firmware update for our KE850 on that one, LG?

[Via Unwired View]

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