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New Sam & Max, Scrapland and more now on GameTap

Justin McElroy

Though most GameTap subscribers will probably be downloading the final Sam and Max of the season today, a few other offerings are also joining the world's furriest detectives on the service this week. First up is Scrapland, the last game American McGee made before he smashed the Irony-O-Meter into subatomic particles by moving the whole operation to China and building a vast army of wage slaves. The game has an average score of 72 on Metacritic, so fans of mediocrity have plenty to be excited about.

Like some sort of Pokémon fan gone horribly astray, GameTap has also continued its maniacal quest to catalog the entirety of the adventure genre, both the good and the unspeakable. You may now count Return to Mysterious Island and Voyage (two of our favorite games inspired by Jules Verne) alongside Sentinel and Mysterious Journey II amongst their throng. ... Wow, Sam and Max just can't download quick enough, can they?

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