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DS kiosks brighten up Korean mall

Eric Caoili

These photos from a Korean mall's Nintendo DS kiosks are from a month ago, but it's interesting to see how the handheld is being promoted in the East Asian country. The showroom's walls are lined with posters of celebrities playing with DS Lites, stylish-looking chairs and tables are available for idlers, and a glass divider separates the area from the rest of the shopping center while still attracting passer-bys with gaming treats.

It isn't clear if this is a permanent setup or if the kiosks are only there for the interim to accompany the DS' recent launch in Korea. The way Nintendo has put its games on display, encouraging people to try out titles like New Super Mario Bros., Brain Training, and English Training in an attractive space, reminds us a lot of Apple's brick and mortar stores and the old Xbox 360 Lounge in Japan. Do we have anything like this to advocate the Nintendo DS in the states? Check for more photos after the jump.

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